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Lily Koh
is a young and super cute Thai chick with an adorable face and a nice little tight body.

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• Individuals • Asian • Amateur • Teen • Movies/Video

• 1,200 pictures (each gallery has anywhere from 30 to 80 pics)
• 22 videos (each between 4 and 8 minutes long)
• Diary, 7 wallpapers, 6 adult games

• December 2006

Review Published:
  • Feb 21, 2007
  • [ Enter Lily Koh ]
    Lily Koh Rating:
    Overall Rating:   76.5 / 100
    Quantity: 5  / 10
    Quality: 8.5  / 10
    Enjoyable: 8.5  / 10
    Exclusive: 5  / 05
    Extras & Bonus Content : 3.5  / 05
    Frequency & Size 3  / 05
    Content: 4.5  / 05
    30.5 / 40
    7.5 / 10
    Intuitive: 4.5  / 05
    Design & Layout: 4  / 05
    Our Impression: 7  / 10
    Reputation: 3.5  / 05
    Speed: 4.5  / 05
    Support: 5  / 05
    8.5 / 10
    20 / 25
    Value for Money: 6.5  / 10
    Price: 3.5  / 05
    10 / 15

    [ Enter Lily Koh ]
    Our Opinion:

    • Lily Koh is a young and super cute Thai chick with an adorable face and a nice little tight body. Her site is still pretty new (Lily opened her site three months ago), so there's not a ton of content here, but it looks like Lily has a nice and consistent update schedule going (she adds a new photoset and a new video each week) so things should be growing at a solid pace. Let's take a closer look.

    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily Koh

    • Lily Koh's members area looks nice and is very easy to navigate. There's a menu at the top linking to all of the sections of her site: About Me; Photos; Videos; My Diary; Extras; Games, etc. To start things off, we headed over to Lily's Photos section.

    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily Koh

    • Lily currently has 22 photosets for a total of around 1,200 photos. She adds a new photoset once a week. For each set you get a small 150x225 preview picture and a short description from Lily. Picture quality is good. The pictures are good-sized at 760x1160, and clear. As far as subject matter, the photosets feature Lily posing in and stripping out of a variety of skimpy outfits. There are some girl-girl galleries throughout but the action is limited to posing with some light kissing and playing.

    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily Koh

    • Moving on to the Lily's Videos section, we found 22 videos available. The videos range in length from 4 to 8 minutes. All of the videos are offered in four formats: Windows Media (.wmv), Real (.rm), Quicktime (.mov) and iPod (.m4v) and three quality options (high, medium and low) and can be downloaded to your computer and streamed. Quality-wise, the videos look great. Specs wise, the high quality wmv versions weigh in at 640x480 at 1017 Kbps (you can watch these clips at full screen and they look excellent), the medium quality wmv versions weigh in at 480x360 at 662 Kbps, and the low quality wmv versions weigh in at 320x240 at 339 Kbps. As far as subject matter, the videos are similar to the pictures.

    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily Koh

    • Lily also keeps a diary that she writes in several times a month, both about her site and her daily life. Some of her other extras include 7 wallpapers, 6 adult games.

    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily KohEnter Lily Koh
    Enter Lily Koh

    • Lily Koh is a doll and her site is off to a good start. She looks absolutely adorable in every single picture, her videos are hot, and her site is well-organized. The collection isn't huge yet, but regular updates will fix that in a couple of months. Our only major complaint is the price. $24.95 a month is pretty expensive for such a new site. We think $14.95 would be much more reasonable at this time.

    [ Enter Lily Koh ]
    About Lily Koh:

    Lily Koh just turned 18 and is fresh from the farm and ready to make a life for herself! With long, long legs, beautiful almond eyes and a fresh innocence to her, Lily is the truly the Asian girl next door! Raised in Northern Thailand, Lily wants everyone to see her discover her sexuality through photos and videos. Filmed on beaches and colorful locations in Asia, Lily is seductive, fun, alluring and more.

    Some words from Lily Koh herself:
    "My name is Lily and I come from a small farm in Northern Thailand. My Thai name is really long, but my mama starting a pretty garden right before I was born. She grew beautiful flowers, and her favorites were the lily flowers. So from when I was born I went by “Lily.” Koh is Thai for Island, because I so love taking trips out to visit the islands and swim in the water. I like to think of myself as a good girl who sometimes does bad things!

    On my family’s farm, we grow durian, coconuts and rice. Even though the farm is small, there were plenty of ways to get into trouble! In case you don’t know, durian is a sweet but smelly fruit that is popular in Thailand for desserts and cooking. It’s funny, because some hotels in Thailand won’t even let you bring it inside!!! Hehe.

    I just start at university this year and start to study to be an engineer. I’ve always liked math and design, and hope I enjoy learning more at the university. My minor degree will be in foreign language, because I think I might be traveling for my work. I am taking classes for both Chinese and English. It’s been an adventure so far starting at a new school. I haven’t been away from home for so long before, but the time feels right to spread my wings!

    I have many fantasies and thoughts about sex everyday! My thoughts throughout my school day often lean towards romance, and I often find myself day dreaming about some of the beautiful guys and girls that are at my university! It is so much fun being in such a large school. Everyday I get to meet new friends and have new fun! The school is like it’s own city. I find myself sometimes standing in the middle of campus just in awe of the size!!!

    I am a little embarrassed to speak English to people, since I think I sound like a robot! When I have time, I use spell check and maybe have a friend check my words to make sure I type and speak correctly. Hopefully you can even help me with learning more too! I have always been shy, and the more experiences I have are helping me gain a little more confidence.

    Since my village was so small, my experiences with guys and girls sexually have been limited. Most of what I’ve seen and learned has come from the internet, since it’s hard to find books about sex in Thailand. It wasn’t until I met my friend Joon did I think about taking photos and having a website of my own. Ever since I took my first photos with her, I’ve been hooked! I’m still not quite sure what comes over me…. All I know is I’ve never felt more free sexually in my life. I think my website will truly open the doors to new experiences and find out more about myself. Joon’s helped me SO much getting everything ready. I hope you like what you see!

    I found that I love to have my photo taken, and feel more freedom out of my clothes than in them! Ever since I was young, I would take every chance I could to get out of my clothes and show my naked self to the world! That’s why I like to travel outside when I can and do photos. Since I didn’t get to travel to many places when I was younger, I like to go to new places as often as possible!"

    [ Enter Lily Koh ]

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