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I'm Live
is one of the largest adult community video chat sites on the Internet with over 10,000 amateur girls performing live from their homes. With 400 of them online at any time, it would be fair to say that whatever your pleasure, you will find it here.

Adult Categories:
• VideoChat • Webcams • Amateur • Communities

• 10,000 girls (400 girls online at any time)
• pictures, videos

• 2001

Review Published:
  • Apr 05, 2005
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    I'm Live Rating:
    Overall Rating:   88 / 100
    Quantity: 9.6  / 10
    Quality: 8  / 10
    Enjoyable: 9.9  / 10
    Exclusive: 5  / 05
    Extras & Bonus Content : 2.5  / 05
    Frequency & Size 5  / 05
    Content: 4.6  / 05
    35 / 40
    9.6 / 10
    Intuitive: 4.5  / 05
    Design & Layout: 3.4  / 05
    Our Impression: 9.5  / 10
    Reputation: 4.5  / 05
    Speed: 4  / 05
    Support: 5  / 05
    7.9 / 10
    23 / 25
    Value for Money: 9.6  / 10
    Price: 2.9  / 05
    12.5 / 15

    [ Enter I'm Live ]
    Our Opinion:

    • I'm Live is one of the largest adult community video chat sites on the Internet with over 10,000 amateur girls performing live from their homes. With 400 of them online at any time, it would be fair to say that whatever your pleasure, you will find it here. Unlike many other cam sites, a majority of the girls here are American.

    Enter I'm Live
    Enter I'm Live

    • The very first thing you need to do when you get to I'm Live is register. It's free (no-obligation memership), but you'll have to enter your credit card number for age verification purposes. The free membership gives you more than many other similar webcam sites. You can participate in free text chat with hosts, view some of the photos and read the profiles. These help you get an idea of what the host looks like before getting into a show.

    Enter I'm Live
    Enter I'm Live

    • But when it comes to serious stuff you got to buy I'm Live credits. With I'm Live credit you can view host professional videos, join your favourite hosts' Fan Clubs, view host promo videos for free, text chat with host for free, view entire host photo galleries for free and more.

    Enter I'm Live
    Enter I'm Live

    • The hosts are categorized: Girl Alone; Shy Girl Alone; Girl Alone (Lesbian); Girl on Girl; Girl and Guy (Couples); Fetish & BDSM; Threesomes/Groups; Hosts with Sinulators... You can also see how many hosts are currently broadcasting. Each host charges a different price to videochat, starting from $0.98 per min, which is a very reasonable price compared to many of their competitors! The first 20 second of videochat are free and you can make sure the girl is attractive and an enjoyable person to be with.

    Enter I'm Live
    Enter I'm Live

    • Don’t forget to check on the girls who are working 'Happy Hour'. During the 'Happy Hour' the hosts charge you 50% less than the usual price. Another good option is to check on the new girls. They will charge you only $0.98 per min.

    Enter I'm Live
    Enter I'm Live

    • The opportunity to rate the hosts’ performance makes the service really enjoyable. ‘Hall of Fame’ motivates the girl to do their best, get more votes from the visitors and get on the top hosts list. That’s why it’s worth paying a visit to the top girls list.

    Enter I'm Live
    Enter I'm Live

    • I'm Live is one of the most innovative, creative, and successful adult web cam communities online. Your ImLive's membership allows you to play out your wildest fantasies with live web cam hosts. There are typically 400 girls connected to the service at any time of the day, and they all await to fulfill your every command. These are actual real-time video streams broadcast from ordinary people's homes. In our opinion, this is truly a unique and exciting way to get up-close and personal with a beautiful girl, all from the privacy of your home. And you command the show. Tell them what to do and they'll do it just for you!

    [ Enter I'm Live ]
    About I'm Live:

    ImLive is a top adult webcam and video chat site. The webcams at ImLive provide the best in amateur action. They always have a huge selection and having the ability to tell the girls what to do and then getting to watch is freakin hot. Lets face it, webcams with hot young amateurs working their ass off to please you is fantastic.


    What do I get with ImLive Free Membership?
    By becoming a free member, you'll be able to connect with Hosts in every field! You can participate in free text chat, view select Host photos, see some of the Hosts in your favorites and get notified when they are online, and of course buy Im-Live Credit to VideoChat with the Hosts 24 hours a day!

    Features available for ImLive FREE members
    • Free Text Chat with Host
    • View Host Profiles
    • View Select Host Photos
    • Email Hosts
    • Get notified when a host is live
    • Add hosts to favorites list
    • See Top Hosts in Favorites List and Get Live Notification

    Who are the ImLive Hosts
    The ImLive VideoChat Hosts are experts in their fields who want to share their knowledge and talents with you. They are online and ready to interact with you. Ask them your questions, tell them your problems, or just ask them to perform for you!!!!

    Is this really live?
    You'd better believe it! When you enter a VideoChat room, you communicate directly with the Host. Tell them what your needs are and they will fulfill them! All in REAL TIME!

    Do you protect my privacy?
    When you enter a VideoChat room, you can do so without anyone hearing or seeing you - the ImLive host is the only one aware of your presence, and even then, only in the form of your online nickname. Your privacy will remain intact. If you have a webcam and you would like the host to see you - great!

    How can I join a ImLive fan club?
    A fan club is a Host's personal home on the net, where the Host and her loyal Guests come to learn more about her, see exclusive photos, view exclusive videos, talk to other Guests about the Host and get to know the Host better. It's also the only place to go to get VideoChat discounts! All ImLive.com members are eligible to join as many fan clubs as they want. When you're ready to join a Host's Fan Club, click on the Join My Fan Club link on the fan club home page, or click the Join My Fan Club link you'll see throughout ImLive.com associated with your favorite Hosts.

    How do I become an ImLive FREE Member?
    Become an ImLive FREE Member in less than 1 minute! You'll be asked a few details about yourself for registration purposes, but no information will be made public. Once you register for membership, you'll be ready to VideoChat.

    How do I start VideoChatting?
    You don't need anything special to VideoChat on ImLive - no special hardware, no special software, NOTHING! Just become an ImLive.com FREE member and you're ready to go! If you have a webcam on your computer, you can have two-way VideoChat with a Host. You can see them, hear them, and talk to them over the Internet, with no hidden costs! Even if you don't have a webcam or a microphone, you can VideoChat and type text messages while you watch and listen to your Host. Just select the ImLive VideoChat room you wish to enter, select your Host, and start chatting!

    ImLive is the best web cam arena on the web!

    [ Enter I'm Live ]

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