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Added: 04-10-2011

Video: Cockney Lesson with Kiara Diane
"I need some extra help getting my English accent down for a play I’m doing so Mr. London sent his friend Jason over. Right off the bat he let me know he was cockney which made my mind think some pretty naughty things. He was a cute guy so all I thought about was him. I felt my pussy getting wet everytime he said it. I really couldn’t concentrate so I jumped on him. I stripped off my panties and let him lick my pussy...".

Video: Holly Michaels in Flash Time
"I love my tits. They're the best. So one day I just felt like flashing them all over the place. I caught a bunch of people and even made a gay kid freak out. It was going great until I accidentally flashed Coach Fitzergood. He was not amused. To calm him down I let him squeeze my titties. That helped ease his mind… that and me sucking his cock in class."

Video: Ashli Orion in Caught With Your Skirt Down
"I was hanging around school after class and I saw Mr. Pokerpoon’s class was empty. I walked in and started messing around on the board and spinning in his chair. Then I grabbed his phone and walked out. I thought I got away with it scott-free but Mr. Pokerpoon had a hidden camera recording me. I was caught. Instead of telling on me he spanked me over his desk to make sure I learned my lesson."

Video: Allyssa Hall in You’re My Hero
"Dr. Hornstein is so hot. I was snooping around his class after class and I saw a this long cable from a battery to his cock! I went to check it and I guess I got too close and I got shocked. I saw a white light but Dr. Hornstein’s voice lead me back. When I woke up all I wanted to do was show him how much I appreciated him. So I got on my knees and unzipped his pants. Before I knew it I was naked and his head was between...".

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