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Added: 08-22-2010

Video: Alice King - Brunette babe dominated and spanked in a toilette
Alice has a guilty secret that she's kept for a while now. Every so often she goes to see her Master, and he makes her his sex slave and totally dominates her. She gets down to the dark basement and she gets ready for the torture she is about to endure. Watch as Alice is tied to the doorway of the leaky bathroom and is forced to blow Anthony's cock, and get beaten with a strong leather whip till she screams for him to stop. But the master will not stop until he is satisfied - he actually enjoys the screams!
Category: BDSM / Spanking

Video: Angelina Blue - Angelina Blue in hardcor domination and punishment
Raunchy redhead Angelina Blue knows she's been a naughty girl. But she doesn't know how bad yet. After burning the last three night's dinners, her love, Anthony, has to get his retribution. He shoves his giant cock deep into her throat and then binds her breasts and straps a mask onto her face and then the domestic discipline begins. Watch these hardcore scenes unfold right here!
Category: BDSM / Hardcore

Video: Nikky Thorne and Amabella - Two very hot babes in magnificent maledom action
Watch Mugur and Anthony Hardwood as they make Nikky Thorne and Anabella their sex slaves to have sex with each other and with them. Watch the hogtied girls get tortured, facefucked in their juicy pussies, made to suck cocks and dildos in the hottest BDSM foursome action!
Category: BDSM / Hardcore

Video: Hadjara - Hadjara got dominated hard during a job interview
Hadjara went to an agency to get a job. But it turned out she doesn't have any language or professional skills. When Anthony Hardwood, the agency's boss asked what skills she has then, Hadjara responded: I can suck and fuck. Anthony was outraged to hear Hadjara's provocative answer, and he decided to give her a real torturing lesson...
Category: BDSM / Spanking / Hardcore

Video: Katy Parker - Katy Parker gets dominated in this gallery by Nick
Katy Parker gets dominated in this gallery by Nick Lang. Watch all the sadistic bondage action as Katy gets tied firmly to a bed, tortured with a candle, and licked from top to bottom. Then she's forced to suck Nick's cock before she gets fucked while she's being strangled. Watch all the spanking and torturing Katy gets!
Category: BDSM / Hardcore

Video: Dara and Syndy Love - Two blonde babes got kidnapped and fucked hard
This is the second part of our double scene where Dara and Syndy Love are on their way to their boyfriends when they get a flat tire. Soon a car stops with two helpful guys inside who offer to help change the tire. The girls are abducted by the sick men and are taken to their hideout. They soon learn the true nature of pain and fear, as the men put them through various twisted games and tortures.
Category: BDSM / Hardcore

Video: Amanda Bleack - Busty bdsm lover babe got her hardcore punishment
Watch this hot BDSM gallery to see this sexy brunette Amanda Bleack tied all up, tortured, licked, and fucked by the dominating pervert Frank Gun. Watch all the sadistic hardcore games, and listen to Amanda Bleack's screams of pain and pleasure. Click here to check out the images and the video!
Category: BDSM / Hardcore

Video: Shay Hendrix - Shay Hendrix traveled miles to get some punish
Shay Hendrix traveled miles to get to her Master. Was it worth? Check out her domination session and decide it yourselves! One thing is for sure: she'll always remember the savage who forced her legs open and fucked her cunt rough!
Category: BDSM / Spanking / Hardcore

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